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Solar installations in Marrakech, Morocco

Beautiful realization of a photovoltaic installation of 100 modules monochristalin "full black" of 300 Wc on roof terrace. Laying on bins using the gravel already on the roof terrace. This photovoltaic plant benefits from micro-inverter technology and now produces more than 30% with the previously installed centralized inverter system.

Photovoltaic installation in Marrakech, Morocco

Photovoltaic installation realization of this power station laid flat on a garage. 40 monochristalin modules of 300 Wc ensure a continuous and free production for the feeding of a villa in Marrakech. The use of micro-inverter technology ensures a production gain, placing this plant at a higher level than a central inclined at 18° with centralized inverter.e in Marrakech, Morocco.

Installation of photovoltaic solar panels in Marrakech, Morocco

First-class installation for this photovoltaic plant of 50 modules for 15 kWp. The use of micro-inverters for this plant not only makes it possible to produce more but also to be covered by the 20-year manufacturer's warranty. For this owner at Royal Palm, free electricity generation and security for many years.

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