Opt for a micro-inverter controlled power plant and get up to 25% more production

Indeed, we install a micro-inverter behind each panel and each photovoltaic module becomes independent. With a micro-inverter system, it is no longer the panel that produces the least that lowers the production of the entire plant. For example, a shadow, a dirty panel or worse a faulty panel will necessarily impact the production of the entire plant, or even stop production. With a central unit controlled by microinverter, each module becomes independent and in case of problem on a module, the rest of the unit continues to operate at full speed.

The "microinverter" choice has many advantages over a pilot system with a centralized inverter

  • With more than 18 million microinverters installed, our manufacturer is the world's No. 1
  • Up to 25% more production, so depreciable very quickly
  • 20 years manufacturer warranty
  • Each module becomes independent
  • Benefit from a "consumption-production" comparison to manage your energy as closely as possible
  • The current transported from the PV field to the electrical panel is alternating 220V (much less dangerous than continuous in 1200v)
  • Visualization of the production of each module (impossible with a centralized inverter)
  • Possibility to add panels to increase the power of the plant, without further intervention (which is not the case with a centralized inverter)
  • And many more benefits

Follow your production closely with our monitoring tools

Evasol is the number 1 in France with more than 15 000 installations, ask for your quote online for free.

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